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Our Work

As Wise Bear Technical Innovations (WBTI) takes on the job of rebuilding infrastructure as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for the Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Center, upgrading the existing equipment to Ubiquiti is an excellent move. The modern technology provided by Ubiquiti offers scalable, high-quality and reliable solutions that can meet the current and future demands of the Friendship Center.


The initial phase of the rebuilding process involves a comprehensive assessment of the current infrastructure to determine the areas in need of upgrade or replacement. The technical team at WBTI could then create a detailed plan for the reconstruction process, collaborating closely with the Indian Friendship Center to ensure the rebuilding process meets their specific needs and requirements.


Throughout the rebuilding process, WBTI would manage the coordination of all contractors and suppliers to source the necessary equipment and materials tailored to the specific needs of the center. By working collaboratively with the center, any potential obstacles or inconveniences would be identified and mitigated proactively.


Thus, by rebuilding the infrastructure and upgrading equipment to Ubiquiti, WBTI would provide the Indian Friendship Center with an enhanced technological infrastructure that maximizes operational efficiency while meeting their real needs. Beyond this, WBTI's approach of working closely with the center and balancing their needs and requirements becomes core to the success of the overall project.


The Team

Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre

At Wise Bear Technical Innovations (WBTI), we place the utmost importance on the health, safety, and environmental impacts of our operations. This policy outlines our commitment to creating and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and the community.


Health and Safety


WBTI will comply with all applicable health and safety legislation, regulations, policies, and standards. We will strive to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace, and make every effort to prevent injury, illness, and accidents. Our employees will be provided with adequate and appropriate training, equipment, and resources necessary to perform their jobs safely and effectively. We will also ensure that contractors working on our behalf follow the same health and safety standards as our employees.




WBTI recognizes that our operations can have environmental impacts, and we are committed to minimizing these impacts through responsible and sustainable practices. We will comply with all relevant environmental laws and regulations, and strive to exceed these requirements wherever possible. We will work to reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and minimize waste through recycling and reuse initiatives. We will also educate our employees on the importance of environmental responsibility, and encourage them to take responsibility for their actions.


MDF and IDF Maintenance


WBTI maintains MDF and IDF areas, to ensure network connectivity provided to all the client machines is safe and secure. This involves proper organization of cables, hardware, and software to mitigate the risk of damage to equipment and injury to employees while troubleshooting network issues. To this end, WBTI will follow industry standards and best practices for MDF and IDF maintenance to guarantee consistency across multiple client sites.


Management Service Provider Managed Services


WBTI understands that their services are designed to provide seamless support for the client's in-house team, however, we recognize the importance of on-site collaboration with the client's staff. Our employees will comply with the client's health, safety, and environmental policies and work seamlessly with the client team to meet their service requirements alongside ensuring their premium protection, health, and safety.


Continuous Improvement


WBTI will continuously review and improve our Health, Safety, and Environment policy to ensure that it aligns with best practices, new technologies, and legislative requirements. Our employees, contractors, and customers are encouraged to report any concerns related to our health, safety, and environmental practices, and we will take swift action to address any issues that arise.


Wise Bear Technical Innovations is committed to creating a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, contractors, customers, and the community. We will continue our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint and look forward to working with all stakeholders to support the health, safety, and well-being of our communities.

Frank (L) Sean (C) and Arthur (R) are starting the first Wise Bear wiring project. We will eventually rewire the entire building and be adding new hardware. 

Standing Around

Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre

Arthur and Sean getting ready to pull wires for the new closet.


First Wire!!!

Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre

Arthur is attaching some CAT6 to glow rods as Sean attaches more rods when needed

Sean and Arthur

Kapuskasing Indian Friendship Centre

The guys are doing a great job getting the new cables in the ceiling.

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