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Hey There, Wachay!

Welcome to our website, showcasing the vibrant and empowering world of an Indigenous woman owned company nestled in the heart of Northern Ontario. We celebrate the rich heritage and authentic craftsmanship deeply rooted in our work, inviting you on a journey that intertwines tradition with innovation. Discover our unique creations and embrace the essence of Indigenous culture.

What we do

As an indigenous woman owned IT company and Managed Service Provider, W.B.T.I can offer the following services:



  • IT Support Services: We can provide comprehensive technical support services for all your IT infrastructure including hardware and software.



  • Managed IT Services: Our team can monitor and manage your IT systems around the clock, ensuring maximum uptime and minimal disruption.



  • Cloud Services: We specialize in designing, implementing, and managing cloud-based solutions that can help your business become more agile, scalable, and secure.



  • Network Solutions: Our network engineers can help you design and implement secure and reliable networks that help your business stay connected.



  • Cybersecurity Services: We can help identify and mitigate potential cyber threats, protect your sensitive data, and ensure your systems are secure.



  • Consulting Services: Our team of IT experts can provide strategic guidance on how to optimize your IT systems, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.



As a Moose Cree member indigenous woman owned company, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. We bring a unique perspective to the table and are passionate about helping our fellow indigenous businesses thrive in the digital age





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